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Minnesota Children’s Museum Shoot

Last month, I was asked by the Minnesota Children’s Museum to photograph their “Target Free Sundays”. The photos will be used for new promotional materials and needed to showcase the kids interacting with the facilities. I love these kinds of assignments – challenging me to create images that are more than portraits, images that showcase the environment as well the person. To see more photos from the shoot, please go to my Facebook page.

Saint Paul Commercial Photographer
Saint Paul Commercial Photographersaint paul commercial photographer
saint paul kids photographer
ants farm
saint paul kids photographyminnesota children's museum
"framed" gallery exhibit
arts room
saint paul kids activitiessaint paul kids photography
saint paul kids photography


Accordo @ The Southern Theater | Minneapolis Portrait Photographer

A little while ago, I was asked to photograph the chamber ensemble Accordo for their upcoming show(s) at The Southern Theater. First, I must mention, as someone new to this city, it is so nice to discover places like The Southern Theater – A place so rich with culture and history.

Well, I had 30 minutes to photograph 5 people in a very dark space. Fortunately, details inside the theater were put to good use and made for an interesting background. So with the help of one mighty wireless flash, we were able to produce some excellent images.

Accordo was named “best new chamber ensemble 2009” by The Star Tribune, and is returning to The Southern Theater for 2 shows on November 21 & 22 for what must surely be a great experience. I’ll be there! These guys were really easy going and a pleasure to photograph. Best of luck to you!


Since moving from New York City in January, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented individuals in the Twin Cities. As a photographer and an artist, it’s always exciting to meet other working artists and share your work, especially with multi-talented people like Mankwe Ndosi. A poet, composer, actress, and more, all in addition to touring with Hip Hop group Atmosphere as a vocalist. Recently, Mankwe hosted a special event called “Friday Front Porch” at Bedlam Theatre. The event is essentially an open mic for artists of (almost) all disciplines who want to collaborate and experiment. Even though I was there to work, I didn’t feel the need to be out of everybody’s way, which I must say – was very liberating.

minneapolis portrait photographer

minneapolis portrait photographer

bedlam theaterbedlam theater

bedlam theater
bedlam theater

minneapolis performance photographer

bedlam theater

bedlam theater

bedlam theater photography

bedlam theater

bedlam theater

Go To The Ballet

Confession: I was never interested in dance. Unfortunately, dance is not so much a part of our pop-culture. It is more difficult to appreciate (for me) than music or visual arts, and as busy individuals, we usually turn to easier-to-digest forms of art for our entertainment. Which is also a nice way to say I’m lazy and like to watch tv. But the dance world is filled with many beautiful works and skilled artists. We just don’t hear about them as often as we hear about Brangelina (did I spell that correctly?).

Well, social media to the rescue. Bringing people closer together (even I am on Facebook) and artists closer to their fans. Meet Daniil Simkin, international ballet star, currently a soloist for ABT. He has 5000 friends on Facebook and over 5000 fans.

Back in December, I was asked by Ha’aretz (top Israeli daily) to photograph Daniil for an article. His humble demeanor completely took me by surprise. His connection with his fans and popularity on youtube may help bring the Ballet closer to ordinary lazy people like me:)

Check out Daniil in action here – It’s an old clip but is very telling of this ballet star’s upbringing. More about him here. Besides the usual NYC security guard in our way (“your lens is too big to be here”) we had a great time and Daniil was very easy to photograph.

Here are some of the outtakes from our session:
nyc photojournalistnyc photojournalist

daniil simkin

daniil simkindaniil simkin

daniil simkin