Minnesota Wedding and Portrait Photographer


Hello World.

I’m Roee, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I love shooting weddings because they incorporate so many types of photography. My nose is sometimes in the way of the viewfinder but I usually get the shot. I am organized to a fault, love to have friends over and to cook for my girls. Gretchen, my wife, is an interior designer and loves cropping my pictures.

Most of the images on my computer are from weddings like this one:
minnesota wedding photography
When I don’t shoot weddings, I harass my wife and daughter:
saint paul portrait photographer

Gretchen, my wife, is never thrilled at the sight of my camera, but Noa has learned to say “cheese” very early on.

That’s me (not the one with the white dress):
st paul wedding photographer

Thanks for reading!



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